Bliss & Bespoke 2017!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! We are opening registration to the next Bliss & Bespoke! Katie and I are so happy to finally open registration (we’ve been waiting all year for this one!), and we couldn’t be happier with the direction of this one!

This is our seventh Bliss retreat (fourth Bliss & Bespoke), and with every one, we learn so much about what motivates, inspires and encourages all of you. This year, we’ve decided to change our typical structure a bit, and we believe it’s going to add so much value and really elevate the experience for our attendees!

Rather than many brief speaker presentations which sometimes leads to a fast paced day and an overload of information, we are offering more quality time with a more intimate group of contributors. One of our favorite moments from past retreats is always seeing a bunch of attendees gathered around one of our speakers during our downtime, listening so intently as she answers questions and offers resources, lending her experience to a myriad of struggles all of you face. With that as our inspiration, we decided to create a retreat that would move at a much slower pace, offering more time and space to dig deeper and get beyond the surface level presentations. We are being very intentional to encourage and create an atmosphere of transparency, meaningful interactions and confidence boosting experiences that will help you achieve tremendous success going forward!

We are confident this will be our best retreat yet, and we hope you will join us in January!! If you’re still on the fence, just ask one of our alumni…  💗

“I’m heading home from Charleston with a full head and full heart. @blissandbespokeretreat was beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m so thankful for the last four days. Not only did I get the opportunity to learn from the best in the business, but I also made new friends along the way. Thank you, Betsy and Katie for putting on an amazing retreat! I can’t wait to come back!” – Denae Brennan

“Not only did I walk away with more knowledge of our amazing industry, but I also walked away with a sense of community that sometimes we don’t always get the opportunity to be a part of in this industry. Each and every one of you truly touched my heart in more ways than you will ever know…so thank you for that. And thank you to Katie and Betsy for the most wonderful southern hospitality. Truly at its finest. You two ladies have created an amazing thing here and you both did such a phenomenal job on making us feel so welcome and comfortable, in every aspect, event and process along the way. So thank you, you two rock stars!” – Anna Lucia

“Words cannot describe how excited I am to be returning to #blissandbespoke in Charleston next February. Two years ago, I registered for this retreat – my first one ever! – not knowing a soul and not knowing how much change I would experience in the months to follow. I thought I’d sign up for a workshop at the suggestion of a planner I greatly admired (heyyy, @sapphireevents!)… I never anticipated how much that experience would shape the course of not only my business, but my heart. I’ve not only learned more than I ever thought possible from the amazing speakers, but I’ve met a network of incredibly talented friends who I can lean on at any time! Katie & Betsy have put together a truly dynamic experience for planners at all stages of their business…you don’t want to miss this, y’all!” Ashley Cash



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