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Getting to know Jacin Fitzgerald…

We love our speakers. We have been blessed with an amazing group of creative and inspiring women who have embraced this community and are excited to share their talent and wisdom with all of you here in Charleston! Can you believe Bliss & Bespoke is just weeks away?1 Six weeks, to be exact, and we can’t wait!

One of those speakers we adore is Jacin Fitzgerald of lovely little details. Jacin has poured her heart and soul into her brand, and she has so much to share with all of us! As evidenced by her beautiful Christmas gifts, few have perfected the client experience like Jacin! We loved our time getting to know Jacin, and we’re thrilled to see her again soon! We’re sure you will adore her just as much as we do! Hear what Jacin has to say about being authentic and where she finds her bliss…

What’s your bliss?
spending quality time with the people i love, or doing what i love. afternoons without the phone in hand hiking with my husband and dog, memories recollected by stories and not necessarily captured on camera, early mornings at the farmers market, lending a helping hand to an unsuspecting person in need, seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they see their wedding venue all set up or their bouquets for the first time. those are all tiny pieces of my bliss.

What’s one piece of advice that’s guided you in growing your business or life in general?
be authentically you and always let your conscience be your guide. if you follow your gut instinct, whether in business or life, you will always go in the right direction. being authentically you means that you might not always take the same path that was blazed by another, but your path will lead you where you need to go as long as you are true to yourself.


{images by Jessica Burke}

Check back as we share more from a few of our other speakers, and if you haven’t registered to join us in February, we still have a few spots open. Head over to Eventbrite to secure yours!


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